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What is a Mantra?

A mantra is an instrument of sound that produces a spiritual transformation.

Mantra Custom Harmonicas brings a unique blend of customizing skills and specialties to the table. Our unique approach is designed to produce great custom harmonicas for all budgets, with anxiety free ordering. We service Suzuki, Hohner and Seydel harmonicas.

How it works/How to Order:

1) Personalized Orders: Personalized setup on full custom harmonicas available with traditional lead times. Contact for availability.

2) Ready-to-Go Harmonicas: Ready-to-Go custom harmonicas are built by all three of us in batches and only made available on the site when they are ready to ship. No wait times. No funny business. Anxiety free ordering for your custom harmonica. Include: Hohner, Suzuki, and Seydel. Click HERE for availability.

3) Optimized Harmonicas: "Light" custom harmonicas made-to-order in with quicker lead times. Contact for availability. This line is discontinued currently. We may bring it back in the future.