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Custom Harmonica Photo Gallery

Please Note: Some of the combs and other materials used may be limited editions and/or made with materials that are no longer available. We are using this page to show you the attention detail and creativity possible with some of our builds.


Evanwood Custom Harmonica

This harmonica is not available for purchase.

This is a picture of the only Evanwood custom harmonica ever made. It was created by Matthew Smart while working for Hetrick Harmonica. The comb is brown bamboo and the reedplates used were Crossovers.

The cover design (created by Scott Hetrick) not only bring beauty and warmer sound, but airtightness and the crush resistant design makes the harmonica more airtight. The cover design was a first for Scott and Matthew, being the first harmonica company to create and unveil DuPont (tm) Corian (r) harmonica coverplates at the SPAH convention in 2012.


Ironwood Custom Harmonica

This is a picture of a limited edition Hohner Crossover made with a Brazilian Ironwood comb. Ironwood is very dense and will not burn. It is what could be considered a lifetime harmonica comb. The comb has a natural resin so it is already sealed. We put it through several polishing stages to give a nice smooth chocolate looking finish.

Current stock limited to 1847 Customs only


Black Manji

The title reminds us of the Kill Bill movies. This is a custom Suzuki Manji Harmonica with a super polished black Dupont™ Corian® harmonica comb.

Current stock available for Golden Melody and Marine Band Crossover/Deluxe


Evanwood and Z Wood

This is a photo of two custom harmonicas with combs: A Hohner Crossover with Evanwood and a Seydel 1847 custom harmonica with Z wood.

Out of Stock


Platinum Special 20 Harmonica

While working at Hetrick Harmonica, Matthew Smart and Scott Hetrick were the first harmonica company to introduce Dupont™ Corian® coverplates to the marketplace at SPAH 2012. This color is called platinum.

If you look closely, the stock Special 20 comb has been polished for aesthetics.

A few sets of these are available for purchase with a custom harmonica. Not sold separately.


Custom Hohner Marine Band Harmonica 

Custom marine band 1896 harmonica with brown bamboo harmonica comb. Limited supply still available.


Customized Marine Band Harmonica

Hohner Marine Band custom harmonica with yellow solid surface harmonica comb. Notice the high level of gloss from hand polishing.



Seydel 1847 Custom Harmonica: Dupont™ Corian®


Here's a recent creation for a friend. Seydel 1847 with black super polished comb and platinum coverplates. We still have a few left for Seydel Session and SP20. The covers give the harp a really nice warm tone.