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What is Your Mantra?    


A "mantra" is a sound that brings about a spiritual transformation. For many of us, our mantra is the sound produced by the harmonica. But it's not always possible to get your best sound with a mass produced instrument that lacks a master's touch and attention to detail.

Mantra Harmonicas is the brainchild of Matthew Smart (Hetrick Harmonica), Dave Payne (Harrison Harmonicas/Elk River) and Mike Fugazzi (Quicksilver Harmonicas). We have a new vision for getting great custom harmonicas in your hands. Our advanced methods get them built quicker, better and we provide a stress free ordering process so that you can unlock your true playing potential. Stop holding yourself back with that leaky harp! Find your "mantra" with a wide selection of build options and models. We are the only USA shop that offers Suzuki, Hohner and Seydel.

Ready to Go Harmonicas are available throughout the year and we also take orders in a queue. First come first serve. Thanks for looking!